Posted: January 8, 2012 in United Kingdom
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Dungeness is a strange village on the coast of Kent that is rather difficult to get to – sat navs won’t know what to do, there aren’t any useful public transport links and it is very poorly signposted. It’s home to two nuclear power stations and was also the place where experimental film-maker Derek Jarman (deceased, although you can take pictures of his house) lived. Delights that await you include a lighthouse you can climb up and down again, a shingle beach littered with decaying boats and if there was a competition it would probably win the award of being the worst seaside resort in the country.

Sadly, it’s no longer possible to tour the nuclear power stations, which is a bit of a blow. Tours were stopped after September 11, and the visitor centre turned into offices.

There’s nowhere quite like Dungeness and it feels like a completely different place on a sunny day and on an overcast one. It’s quite a popular location for shooting music videos and is featured in several films and TV shows including Time Bandits, Doctor Who, the Inspector Lynley Mysteries and I Want You.

If you do fancy a visit, you can find out more about Dungeness here. It’s also worth visiting the nearby Acoustic Sound Mirrors in Denge, which are accessible only by guided tours on certain days.


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