My name’s Emma Boyes and I’m a full-time freelance journalist. I’m originally from the UK but have lived and worked in Japan, Germany and Australia. I love to travel but I’ve never really enjoyed conventional holidays to beach resorts. I prefer to visit somewhere a little more unusual — going urban exploring, or visiting the Chernobyl exclusion zone and wandering around the abandoned city of Pripyat,  going on a spooky ghost tour by candlelight or dressing up as a zombie and joining a shambling zombie shuffle through London.

On this site, I’ll be highlighting some unusual and strange places to visit, along with interesting and usually slightly weird things to do and see. I also love to take pictures, some of which I’ll post on here. There are plenty more to see on my Flickr page, although they aren’t all travel related.

I have written travel articles for places like MSN Travel UK, Independent Travel News, Travel Weekly, Metropolis (a Time Out style magazine in Tokyo), Japanzine, Group Travel Organiser and Just Weddings. I love travel work and am always looking to take on more paid commissions. Please contact me if you’d like to see samples or discuss a work related offer.